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Welcome to Adroit Direct

Accessible Straightforward Investing For UK Investors

This is a self-directed process to arm investors residing in the UK with the knowledge to make an informed judgement on whether an investment portfolio makes sense for you.

The service does not constitute investment advice. If you decide a portfolio is for you, it's important that you feel comfortable with your selection before making an application. If at any point you feel you may need financial advice, then an advised service may be more suited to your needs.

The Portfolios Presented Are Examples Managed By TAM Asset Management Ltd

We have partnered with TAM based on their decade long results navigating financial markets. All the portfolios presented are fully managed by TAM's proven team rather than by computer programmes.

Although TAM Asset Management Ltd is our chosen investment portfolio manager partner, you should be aware that there is a wide universe of firms who provide portfolio management services. TAM is therefore one example of the available choices in the market.

The detail on the TAM services is used to give you a grounding on what an investor in this type of fully managed portfolio might expect including an idea of investment returns. But remember these are only rough estimates based on historical performance - future returns can never be guaranteed.

This system only uses a session cookie and does not store any data against that cookie other than what is required to navigate these pages. By continuing, you accept the use of a cookie. If you proceed to use the service offered by TAM Asset Management Ltd you will be required to provide personal data. Any data you provide is subject to TAM's Privacy Policy which you can read here.
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If at any point you would like to speak to Adroit Financial Planning Limited, please visit their website here.
Adroit Financial Planning Limited is a company registered in England and Wales (07980535) with registered office at 50-52 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1HL. Adroit Financial Planning Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (579324). TAM Asset Management Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FCA No. 208243.